Faces on the Wall (Les Murs ont des Visages)

Running Time: 62 minutes
Country: Iran/France
Genre: Documentary
Directors: Bijan Anquetil & Paul Costes

All three Dastvaré children were killed during the Iran-Iraq War. The Islamic Republic of Iran had a mural painted in their memory. A fresco which, among hundreds of others in Tehran, represents these young soldiers who sacrificed their lives, in the name of God, for their country, dying as "martyrs of Islam". Today, in their neighbourhood, the legend of the "Dastvaré martyrs" still circulates, a complex mix of popular religion, State propaganda and personal memories. The Faces on the Wall questions the disillusion that surrounds an ideology based on the martyr’s figure, the founding myth of the Iranian new regime.

Bijan Anquetil & Paul Costes

Bijan Anquetil was born in Paris from a French father and an Iranian mother. After studies of philosphy and visual anthroplogy, he is working as a journalist and film maker.


-Iran, waiting for tomorrow (2004). A documentary about the youth inIran and their political invovlment.
-The faces on the wall (co-director Paul Costes).

Paul Costes was born in 1977 in France. After a childhood in Morocco, he arrived in Paris at the age of 20 where he studied Theatre, Cinema and Persian. At that time he met some actors from the french theatre company « D’ores et déjà » they hve been working togeteher on several theatre projects ever since. Paul met Bijan Anquetil in French oriental languages university «Langues ‘O» in 2003 and started working together on «The faces on the Wall». After this first common documentary poject, Paul and Bijan are now working on a second documentary project portrait of a Iranan actress.