Wind, Ten Years Old (Bud, Dah Saleh)

Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: Iran
Cast: Shaaf Noori, Parisa kani, Mehdi Moghadam, Marzieh Vafamehr
Director: Marzie Vafamehr
In Attendance: Shahrnush Parsipur

One day in a life of a ten-year old girl during the Iran/Iraq war. War propaganda nurtures her for fighting. Little by little she gets attracted to fighting and wishes being killed in the war. This film criticizes Iranian children environment specially educational system.

Shahrnush Parsipur

Born and raised in Tehran, she received her B.A. in sociology from Tehran University in 1973 and studied Chinese language and civilization at the Sorbonne from 1976 to 1980. Her first book was Tupak-e Qermez (The Little Red Ball - 1969), a story for young people. Her second novel was Tuba va ma'na-ye Shab (Tuba and the Meaning of Night - 1989), which Parsipur wrote after spending four years in prison. In 1990, she published a short novel, again consisting of connected stories, called Zanan Bedun-e Mardan (Women without Men), which Parsipur had finished in the late 1970s. The Iranian government banned Women without Men in the mid-1990s and put pressure on the author to desist from such writing. Early in 1990, Parsipur finished her fourth novel, a 1,000-page story of a female Don Quixote called Aql-e abi'rang (Blue-colored Reason), which remained unavailable as of early 1992.
Shahrnush Parsipur has since left Iran and currently resides in the United States. She is the recipient of the first International Writers Project Fellowship from the Program in Creative Writing and the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

Marzie Vafamehr

Marzieh Vafamehr, Graduated from Fine Arts Faculty in Tehran University in Acting. Participating in acting and scenario writing classes of Bahram Baizai in Hamid Samandarian`s school Establishing Arnavaz fashion products and gave it up in 1993 Founder of theatre group in Andishe cultural centre and supervisor of cinema theatre group of Andishe Javan group in 1997. Responsible of sale in the Photo exhibition of Nasser Taghvaee in 1996 Participating in precious and semi-precious stone exhibition in 2002 and 2003 in Arasbaran cultural center and private galleries Teaching dramatic creativity and theater acting in Mokaab and Chahar-Sou-e-honar workshops in 2001 - 2002 Worked as director assistant in Common Pain (Yasamin Malek Nasr), Behind the Curtain of Takhte Tavoos serial (Mohamma Rahmanian), Navaiee video clip (Ramin Heidari Faroughi), T.V hygienic training (Varouj Karim Masihi) ordered by public Health Organization, Greek Ship, Unrolled Paper and The Last Rehearsal (Naser Taghvaiee).

Acting in Gladiators play written by Alireza Hanifi (Winner of woman acting prize in The Student Theater Festival), Galileo Galilei written by Bertolt Brecht, The Rose Tattoo written by Tennessee Williams, Uncle Wiggily in Connecticutt written by J.D. Salinger, Hello and Good Bye written by Athol Fugard, Bahram e Choobineh written by Siamak Taghipour, Play House written by Hossein Kiani (Winner of woman acting prize in The Student Theater Festival), Unsweetened Tea a feature directed by Naser Taghvaiee whose shooting was stopped, Barefoot in Paradise a feature directed by Bahram Tavakolli, Chapter 7 a short film directed by Marjan Ashrafizadeh (Winner of best acting prize of Cinema Academy in Art Students Film Festival), After Lunch We will Sit & Talk a short film directed by Ramin Parvin.