The Shade (Sayeh)

Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: Iran/Canada
Genre: Drama
Cast: Aryan Atri, Camyar Chai, Joleh Chaichian, Shaghayegh Mohammadali
Director: Mohammad Gorjestani
[In Attendance]

In a village in central Iran on a hot summer day a young boy sells balloons in hopes of buying ice cream. His struggle is paralleled with a city man, whose car blows a tire, causing him to search for a way back home. The two stories, though independent to themselves, are united by an umbrella, which shades each character's journey.

Mohammad Gorjestani

Mohammad Gorjestani was born in Tehran, Iran. During the Iran/Iraq War he moved to San Jose, California with his family where they have since resided. At a young age, Mohammad showed interest in drawing and painting, which transcended into a love of photography by the age of 18. College proved to be a serious crossroad in his life, when he realized it was time to focus his attention on a particular field. Mohammad chose the path of film, because he felt that cinema was a powerful tool of influence and expression. After working on his own short projects for a few years, Mohammad enrolled at the Vancouver Film School in fall 2006. While at the school, Mohammad ranked highest in cinematography class and took on the role of Director of Photography on three of the class films. He additionally directed one of the three Super 16mm final projects from his class in “The Shade”.