The Wild Goose (Ghaze Vahshi)

Running Time: 51 minutes
Country: Iran
Genre: Fiction
Cast: Mamoud Naghibian, Afshin Bayanati, Mahboubeh Ghafari, Habib Javanmard
Director: Mahmoud Reza Sani

The story about the relationship between an Iranian and Iraqi soldier in a remote border at the threshold of the Iraq-America war. The main point in thise movie is the relation between the both soldiers with a migrating and wounded goose which has been wounded since it was shot by the Iraqi soldier in the middle of the mine field.

Mahmoud Reza Sani

Sani has made 15 short films, 2 television serial features. Has acted in several Iranian films and worked as assistant director. Formed his own company 5 years ago. Also has sea-faring background and worked as a sailor for a while before turning back to his true love, cinema. SIYAMO Awards:1) Cesare Zavattini Award for Best Documentary at 1st Gibara, Cuba Festival del Cine Pobre 2003) 'Best Documentary' Prize at Kansas State Jubilee Film Festival 2004, Kodak award - 1st Prize Cult Heritage“ Sofal Bahman Shir” Best Edit Shorts;Audience Award-"Trench”; Best Choice“Young Cinema Society" "FRAME" Screenplay published; Best Actor, education fests Judge at Iran-Abadan Social Film Festival, for short films (1999). The Wild Goose script was written by Behzad Vaziri.